Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. High Density 1U Rack Mount Fiber Distribution Center

High Density 1U High Fiberdyne Rack Mount Distribution Center


    Fiberdyne Labs FTP-1UH-3P has been designed to support High-density fiber environments; including Data Centers, Cell Tower Shelters and Central Office applications. This 1 Rack Unit (1RU) Fiber Distribution Center (FDC), integrates fiber management, and support for up to 3 LGX* form-factor Connector Panels, or 3 LGX form-factor Cassettes. The FTP-1UH-3P supports patching and splicing for up to 72 LC Ports using 3 LGX panels or 36 SC Ports using 3 LGX panels. The FDC supports a maximum of 2 optional FST-036P Fiber Optic Splice Trays. Each tray supports up to 36 splices. Key features include: Removable split top cover, front and rear access doors—with magnetic latches on the front door, High Visibility Sliding Internal Chassis with integrated fiber distribution and termination. Craft friendly access to the Adapter Panels, Cassettes, and Splice Trays. The mounting ears support 19” or 23” rack installations.


Features & Options**
  • - Hinged access doors front and rear. Clear front door with pull-to-open magnetic latches
  • - Split, removable top, for easy access to LGX Connector Panels. Rear Fiber Management facilitates easy fusion splicing in the field
  • - Cable Strain Relief Bracket, 2 included, with choice of 4 mounting positions. Accepts optional UCC-001 Corning Universal Cable Clamp ***
  • - High Visibility Sliding Chassis with built in stops
  • - Built-in cable management features
  • - Up to 3 LGX form-factor Panels (Fiberdyne Labs FPA-Series) or up to 3 LGX form-factor Cassettes
  • - Configurable up to 72 LC Ports using 3 LGX panels or 36 SC Ports using 3 LGX panels.
  • - Folding Connection Log Sheet with dedicated storage pocket
  • - 19” and 23” Rack Mounting Brackets included
  • - Optional Splice Tray Kits, up to 72 splices, FTP-STK1 Single Tray Kit or FTP-STK2 Dual Tray Kit
  • - Available with a variety of pre-connectorized cable assemblies


General Specifications:
  • - Part Number: FTP-1UH-3P
  • - Dimensions: 1.75” H x 17.0” W x 16.50” D
  • - Weight: 8 lbs.
  • - Housing: High Grade Aluminum
  • - Black Powder Coated Exterior
  • - White Powder Coated Interior Sliding Chassis
  • - Optional Panels: Up to 3, LGX form-factor Connector Panels
  • - Supports a Maximum of 2 FST-036P Fusion Splice Trays (36 Splices per Splice Tray)
  • - Optional Cassettes: Up to 3 LGX form-factor Cassettes (Cassettes and Splice Trays cannot co-reside)


New York


Warranty: Standard 1 Year
**Please contact a sales representative or visit for more information.


* ® OFS Fitel, LLC   *** ® Corning Cable Systems, LLC


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