Fusion Splicing

Fiberdyne Labs offers nationwide single and ribbon fusion splicing services. Our technicians when deployed are equipped with portable fusion splicing machines and splicing hardware. Our experienced team is capable of fusion splicing in many different environments some of which include but are not limited to data centers, IT closets, & outdoor manholes. One of the biggest benefits of Fusion Splicing can be using fiber “pigtails”. These fiber “pigtails” are a short length of fiber with a factory terminated and polished connector on one end and bare fiber on the other, the bare end can then be spliced onto an existing length of fiber cable to provide a high quality finish to a fiber cable. Fiberdyne can also splice fiber cables already installed in the field together to eliminate a panel cross connect and improve overall signal loss. Beyond fusion splicing new cables Fiberdyne will use OTDR test sets to test fiber spans and identify issues and fix them in the field which includes repairing existing splices or even repairing broken or sheared cables by adding a new fusion splice to tie the cable back together and an enclosure to protect the splice point.

  -Fiberdyne also offers their own lines of termination boxes, both pre-loaded and empty for use on any job site.

  -Bulk cable that can be pulled by the customer or Fiberdyne Labs field teams and then terminated using fusion splicing.

  -Fiberdyne also tests all terminations using an OTDR to verify the fiber connector and spans and can provide a report to the customer.


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