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No one has more experience or has tested more fibers than the staff at Fiberdyne Labs, New York. With so much riding on your network, don’t risk your Fiber Characterization needs with anyone else. Our FC service is cost effective and helps you to turn up your network faster, allowing you to generate revenue sooner. To date, the staff at Fiberdyne Labs has:
- Tested over 22,000 fibers
- Tested over 7,500 spans
- Acquired over 15,000 field tech hours

Fiber characterization will definitively determine if the fiber plant will support your network equipment and transmission speed. Failure to perform FC testing can inopportunely reveal Bit Error Rates (BER) which can cause network failure resulting in a delay of network turn up.

Fiberdyne Labs can help you: - Provide a cost efficient way to implement Fiber Characterization - Help fix issues on your network in real time - Ensure your fiber supports your transmission equipment - Decrease time to network turn up - Allow your network to realize revenue sooner

Do not risk your network with just anyone - call the best - Fiberdyne Labs


Our Management Team

We are proud of our company, not only for its unique identity, but because of the people that drive it! Please contact your Sales Representative at 800-894-9694 or contact Mike Polidori below.

Michael Polidori

FC Project Manager
Office: +1 (315) 866-0515
Direct: +1 (315) 574-1643


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