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The core business of Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. is fiber optic cabling. Too often installation services of fiber optic cabling are performed by electricians that may be experts with electricity, but can not compete with the excellence of Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Our installation services cover both inside and outside plant projects, but we specialize in performing and completing inside plant jobs.

If you need the job done right and on time, exceeding your expectations, hire the best in the industry. All of our Services include dedicated Project Management, state-of-the-art equipment and well trained field techs that will be prompt and professional.


PDF Version of Web page Structured Fiber Cabling Technical Data Sheet


Our Services Include:
- Site survey
- (Fiber) reel testing
- Complete fiber backbone installation
- Singlemode & Multimode fibers
- Design & installation of FutureFlex air-blown fiber backbones (Certified)
- Any industry standard termination
- Field Fusion splicing Services
- OTDR testing and certification
- Bi-directional attenuation testing and certification
- Frame/Bay installation
- Media Converters

Fiber Termination Box
Fiber Termination Box



Fiberdyne Labs Air Blown Fiber

Network Managers Realize Significant Advantages From Using Air Blown Fiber

Air Blown Fiber

Installations using air blown fiber can save 15% over conventional fiber installations. In addition to the cost savings, however, blown fiber offers the network manager other significant advantages.

For example, if you need to wire your campus for current and future bandwidth requirements, you may want to install spare fibers. However, what should you install?
- Multimode 62.5/125
- Multimode 50/125
- Singlemode 8.3/125 Doped for Dense WDM at 1550nm
- Standard Singlemode 8.3/125

Since there's no sure way to forecast what equipment manufacturers will require in the future, it's impossible to know what to install now. The solution is install only what you can utilize today. Later, as additional fiber is required, blow in the new fiber type that you need.
- Air Blown fiber can be routed to 4km without splicing.
- Air Blown fiber does not require any conduit.
- Air Blown fiber is simple to re-route in the event you change locations.
- Air Blown fiber is available now! There is no need to wait for fiber deliveries.

- Air Blown Fiber Meets Standards
- TIA/EIA-568A
- UL-Riser and Plenum
- ICEA-5-83-596


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