Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. An Introduction to Wallmount Termination Box

An Introduction to Wallmount Termination Box


    Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. provides fiber management solutions for your cabling and hardware needs. The Wallmount Termination Boxes mount easily to most surfaces. Use these boxes in small utility closets or remote locations. Call your Fiberdyne sales representative today for a quotation and specific System Solution Product information.


  • - Midpanel holds up to 4 inserts
  • - Connector Panel available with 6, 8 or 12 bulkhead adapters
  • - Thumbscrew Closure
  • - Keylock for main door
  • - Padlock Hasp for smaller door
  • - Screw to Screw: 4.618"


  • - Width 12"
  • - Height 12"
  • - Depth 4"

Fiberdyne Labs manufactures Wallmount/Rackmount Termination Boxes in a variety of configurations.
Call your Fiberdyne Sales Representative at 800-894-9694 or email us at

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