Fiberdyne Labs CWDM DFB-LD Coaxial Cable

CWDM DFB-LD Coaxial Cable


  • - CWDM series transmitter with MQW DFB-LD
  • - Low noise, Low distortion, Low threshold current
  • - Integrated Optical Isolator
  • - Coaxial Pigtail Package
  • - Operating Temperature range: -20 to 80°C

  • - CDMA/GSM transmission system
  • - WDM system
  • - CATV Return-Path
  • - Other analog transmission system


    Absolute Maximum Ratings (Tc = 25°C)


Technical Data Sheet


Reverse Voltage (LD)VRL---2V 
Forward Current (LD)IFL---120mA 
Reverse Voltage (MPD)VRMP---15V 
Forward Current (MPD)IFMP---2mA 
Operating Temperature [1]TC-20+80°CCase Temperture
Storage Temperature TSTG-40+85°CAmbient Temperture
Relative HumidityRH---80% 
Lead Soldering Temperature / TimeTS---260/10°C/S 
Fiber Yield Strength ---1kgf 
Fiber Bend Radius 30---mm 
                   Notes: [1] Operating Temperature is available in 0~70°C or 20~80°C.


ParameterSymbolMinTypMaxUnitTest Conditions
Threshold Currentlth5-10mACW
Operating Currentlf-2575mACW, Pf = 2.0mW
Operating VoltageVf-1.21.6V 
Optical Output PowerPf2--mWCW, lf = lth+20mA
Center WavelengthλcCWDM:1270~1610nmCW, P0 = Pf
Rise/Fall TimeTr/Tf--0.4nSLf = lth, P0 = Pf (10-90) %
Monitor Currentlm0.1-1mACW, P0 = Pf
CapacitanceC-1015PFVRD = 5V
Dark Currentld--100nAVRD = 5V
Spectral Width (-20dB)λ-35nmCW, lf = +20mA
Tracking ErrorTE-1.0-1.0dB 
Optical IsolationIso30--dB 
Return LossRL40--dB 
3rd Order Inter-modulation DistortionIMD3--60-55dBc 
Relative Intensity NoiseRIN---145dB/Hz 
Side Mode Suppression RatioSMSR40--dBCW, P0 = 5mW
Frequency BandwidthGHz2.7

Drawing of CWDM Coaxial Laser Diode

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