Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. C and C/L Band WDM Filters


    Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. C and C/L Band Filters are Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM) devices that utilize stable Thin Film Filters and advanced packaging technology. Our devices achieve excellent performance and operating stability over temperature. The devices combine or separate light at different wavelengths, over a wide bandpass. They are typically used to combine or separate Red Band wavelengths and Blue Band wavelengths within C Band, or C and L Bands in DWDM systems. Our filters provide low insertion loss, high channel isolation, and low PDL over a broad temperature range.


  • - High Isolation
  • - Low Insertion Loss
  • - RoHS Compliant
  • - Telcordia GR-1209 & GR-1221 Compliant


  • - Local Area Networks
  • - FTTH Networks




Parameters C/L Band C Band Red/Blue C Band Supervisory
Wavelength 𝞴1 / 𝞴2 (nm)
1525~1562/1570~1615 1520~1543/1547~1570 1500~1520/1528~1570
Pass Port Max Insertion Loss (Typical) ≤1.0dB (0.6) ≤1.0dB (0.6) ≤1.0dB (0.6)
Pass Port Ripple ≤0.3dB ≤0.3dB ≤0.3dB
Pass Port Isolation ≥25db ≥20db ≥25db
Reflect Port Max Insertion Loss (Typical) ≤0.6dB (0.4) ≤0.6dB (0.4) ≤0.6dB (0.4)
Reflect Port Isolation ≥12dB ≥12dB ≥12dB
Directivity ≥50dB ≥50dB ≥50dB
Return Loss ≥45dB ≥45dB ≥45dB
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.1dB ≤0.1dB ≤0.1dB
IL Temp. Sensitivity (dB/°C) ≤0.005dB ≤0.005dB ≤0.005dB
Max Input Power Rating 300 mW
Operating Temperature (°C) -5 ~ 65

1.) Max insertion loss without connectors
2.) Standard MOQ 10 Pieces


Ordering Information
Fiberdyne WDM   Type Configuration Filter Dimension (mm) Fiber Type Fiber Length Package Connector Type
  CL = C/L Band 1 = λ1 Pass, λ2 Reflect 1 = 5.5*35 1 = SMF28e 1 = 1M 25 = Filter Device 250µm 0 = None
  CS = C Band Supervisory 2 = λ2 Pass, λ1 Reflect     Y = Custom 90 = Filter Device 900µm 1 = ST/UPC
  RB = C Band Red/Blue         C2 = Filter Case 2.0mm 6 = SC/UPC
            C3 = Filter Case 3.0mm 7 = FC/UPC
            C9 = Filter Case 900µm A = FC/APC
            LM = LGX Module B = SC/APC
            RM = 1U Rackmount L = LC/UPC
            WM = Wallmount Module N = LC/APC
            YY = Custom Package Y = Custom
C and C/L Band WDM Filters


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