Fiberdyne Labs Introduction to Couplers/Splitters

Fiberdyne Labs Inc. manufactures a complete line of Single Window Couplers/Splitters and Dual Window Couplers/Splitters. Fiberdyne Labs Inc. is the only company in the world to offer Exact Couplers™.

  • - Singlemode & Multimode
  • - Jacketed Legs: Medium Duty (900 Micron) and Heavy Duty (2mm & 3mm Jacket)
  • - Light Duty; 250um bare fiber legs
  • - Available with or without connectors
  • - Coupler/Splitters in modules are available


PDF Version of web page Technical Data Sheet


Fiberdyne Labs manufactures fiber optic Coupler/Splitters in a variety of configurations. Call your Fiberdyne Sales Representative at 800-894-9694 or email us at

Coupler/Splitter Types; Options, Styles: