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    To describe Fiberdynes "FTTH" distribution enclosure and its configuration options.


Conceptual Usage:
    The FTTH Pedestal is a general-purpose, outdoor enclosure. It is the main node for voice, data and video distribution, in a passive optical network (PON). The pedestal is the network interface -- at the neighborhood. Options, for its internal components, were designed, according to the ITU G.983.1 standard and according to various, proposed and fielded FTTx requirements.


PDF Version of FTTH-Scheme
Figure 1: Fiber-to-the-Home Block Diagram, from CO to Pedestal to Home.


    The pedestal houses two fiber-management functions. One is the "relay" function. Signals are passed to the other pedestals (i.e. feeder cables are spliced to distribution cables). The other function is "distribution." Downstream signals (typically, 1490 nm and 1550 nm) are split, then sent on to the ONTs (Optical Network Terminals). Upstream signals (typically, 1310 nm) are combined, then sent to the CO (Central Office).
    Additionally, the pedestal houses other components such as splices, attenuators, terminators and miscellaneous fiber-management. Splitters and splices are mounted in the splice trays. A connector panel mount can host 24 fiber connections. Attenuators can be added as necessary. These connector panels can hold terminators for unused fibers. Then, excess fiber can be spooled, and cables can be clamped to the main mount panel, which is removable.


  • - Nonmetallic (i.e. high-performance, thermo-plastic) enclosure
  • - Complies with Telcordia GR-13 CORE and RUS PE-91 specifications
  • - Partially buried, two-piece base for easy installation with cables
  • - One-piece, domed cover with flush-mounted latch mechanism
  • - Removable, mount panel for splicing and routing in protective shelters ( van)
  • - Fiber-optic and cable management devices (e.g. splice trays, clamps, connector panels) attach to mount panel; mix and arrangement is adjustable


  • - Self-supporting base with or without integral spade; also includes positions for mounting stakes
  • - Environmental splice enclosure for cable relay to other nodes; removable for splicing in protective shelter (e.g. equipment van)
  • - Optical Splitters (1x8, 1x16, 1x32) based on planer technology
  • - Trays for planer splitters and splices
  • - Connector Panel Retainer holds two LGX/Lucent-compatible panels
  • - Connector Panels for FC, SC, ST, LC, MT-RJ and MTP
  •     - Six connectors per panel: FC, SC, ST, MT-RJ, MTP
  •     - 12 connectors per panel: SC, ST, LC
Note: Underground cable vaults sold separately.


Standard Configuration:
  • - One-piece dome lid with integral lock mechanism
  • - Mount Panel divided into two functions: Relay and Distribution
  •     - Relay: splice trunk cables to other trunk cables (i.e. relay to other nodes)
  •     - Distribution: split signals to drop cables (i.e. distribute to homes)
  • - Relay side:
  •     - Includes "Environmental Splice Enclosure" and shelf
  •     - Shelf has retainer with two thumb-screws for tool-less maintenance
  •     - Enclosure slides from shelf for protected splicing (i.e. van or tent)
  • - Distribution side:
  •     - Splice Trays (4 each); one tray contains the optical splitter
  •     - Fiber-management hubs (4 each)
  •     - Connector Panel Retainer (1 each)
  •     - Connector Panels (2 each; must specify connector type and quantity)
  •     - Cable clamps (2 each)
  • - Self-supporting base without spade; mounting stakes can be used




Part Number Build Matrix
123- 456- 78910 -11121314
FFP-    -      -    
FFP = Fiberdyne Labs "Fiber-to-the-Home" (FTTH) Pedestal


Digit #DescriptionOptions*
4th - 5th Pedestal Size12 = 12-inch
6thBase Type0 = self-supporting, no spade
1 = self-supporting with spade
7thEnvironmental Splice Enclosure, shelf and splice trays0 = none
2 = included, with 2 splice trays
3 = included, with 3 splice trays
8thSplice Trays
(Distribution Side)
0 = none
or indicate 1,2,3 or 4 for tray quantity
9th - 10thOptical Splitter
(requires one splice tray)
00 = none
08 = 1 x 8
16 = 1 x 16
32 = 1 x 32
11thFiber Management0 = none
4 = four hubs
12thCable Clamps0 = none
2 = two (7/16-inch min. diameter)
4 = four (7/16-inch min. diameter)
13thConnector Panels0 = none
1 = retainer and one connector panel
2 = retainer and two connector panels
14thConnector Type/Quantity
(for connector panels)
Note: polish is UPC
0 = none
1 = FC (6 per panel)
2 = LC  (12 per panel)
3 = SC  (6 per panel)
4 = SC  (12 per panel)
5 = ST  (6 per panel)
6 = ST  (12 per panel)
7 = MT-RJ  (6 per panel)
8 = MTP  (6 per panel)
*Note: for custom configurations, "Special Instructions" must be used.
For example: if two connector panels are required, each with different connector types, put an "X" in the 13th digit.
Then, add the following to the order description: "Special Instructions (12th digit): one connector panel with SC, the other with FC."


  • Example: "Standard Pedestal"
  • - Fiberdyne FTTH Pedestal
  • - 12-inch, self-supporting base, no spade
  • - Environmental Splice Enclosure with 2 splice trays
  • - 4 Distribution-side splice trays; one with 1x32 optical splitter
  • - 2 connector panels, each with six (6) SC/UPC adapters
  • - 4 fiber-management hubs and 2 cable clamps
  • Part# FFP-120-2432-4223


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