Fiberdyne Labs Introduction to Mode-conditioning Patch Cord (Jumper)


    Fiberdyne Labs manufactures mode-conditioning patch cords, using high-quality, single-mode/multimode fiber and connectors. These cable assemblies are primarily used in Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-LX) applications. Their use prevents DMD (Differential Mode Delay), and allows a singlemode signal to travel over Multimode fiber. IEEE Std 802.3 specifies the use and format for mode-conditioning patch cords.
    Generally a mode-conditioning cable is required at each end of the fiber run so they are usually ordered in pairs or even numbers.


    Fiberdyne uses state-of-the-art equipment in every manufacturing and inspection phase, ensuring each assembly meets our applicable ISO 9001 standards.


Cable Jacket Colors:
  • - Yellow on Singlemode Fiber the equipment transmit section
  • - Orange on Multimode Fiber sections


Connector Types:
  • - LC, SC, ST, FC, MT-RJ



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Technical Data:

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