Bare Ribbon Fiber Fanout Assemblies

Bare Ribbon Fiber Fanout Assemblies


Fiberdyne Labs is proud to offer 12 Fiber Bare Ribbon Fiber Fanout Assemblies as a low-cost option for terminating ribbon fiber trunk cables. The bare ribbon end allows for mass fusion splicing while the 900um buffered fanouts with factory terminated connectors provides efficient connections to termination hardware without the time and expense of installing fanout kits and field installable connectors. Fiberdyne Labs offers ribbon fanout assemblies in multimode OM1, OM3, OM4 and in single mode OS2 rated fiber.


FRF - XXX - XX XX - 0 X
    Fiber Type   Ribbon Fiber Length Fanout Fiber Length   Ribbon Connector Fanout Connector
F=Fiberdyne   OM1=62.5/125   72=72 Inches 24=24 Inches   0=None 0=None
R=Ribbon   OM3=50/125 (300m)   XX=Custom (Specify) 47=47 Inches     1=FC/UPC
F=Fanout   OM4=50/125 (500m)     XX=Custom (Specify)     2=FC/APC
    OS2=Single Mode           3=SC/UPC
                7=Custom (Specify)

Fiberdyne Labs manufactures Singlemode & Multimode Assemblies in a variety of configurations.
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