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DWDM Monitor Module Tap
Fiberdyne Gigabit Multiplexer System
SFP Gigabit Converter

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TIA-598-A Fiber Optic Cable Standard Color Code.

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Fiberdyne Labs Fiber Optic Networking Products
2014 MTP/MPO Standard Configurations (Online Shopping)
CWDM Mini Field Module LGX/Lucent Compatible Module Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Pre-Assembled 72 Port Rack Mount Termination Box with Splicing & Pigtails Rackmount
Fiber Optic CWDM Mini Field Module Fiber Optic CWDM LGX Modules Fiber Optic Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC)
w/900um SC Connectors
Pre-Assembled 72 Port Rack Mount Termination Box with Splicing & Pigtails Network Analyzer and Antivirus Tap

MPO Passive Optical Splitter Module
Fiber Optic MPO Passive Optical
Splitter Module For FTTX Networks
Fiberdyne 6140 80Gbps Multiplexer

Fiberdyne 6140 80Gbps Multiplexer

World Leader in Fiber Characterization, Immediate Deployment
Fiberdyne FCX-2150 CWDM Doubler

Fiberdyne FCX-2150 CWDM Doubler

Add/Drop C and Add/Drop Mux/Demux D
Fiberdyne FCX-2150 CWDM Doubler
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4U High Rackmount

Fiberdyne Labs Metro Cisco® compatible
CWDM System

Old Glory
God Bless America

Fiberdyne Labs Fiber Optic Networking Products GSA Advantage Logo

NYS OGS Contract # PT64265

ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified

DWDM, CWDM, WDM Individual
Filters for Field Fusion Splicing

Fiberdyne Labs is a Leader in
Independent & 3rd Party Fiber Optic Network Testing & Performance Certification.
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Times Square American Flag
Custom manufactured by Fiberdyne Labs Inc and Herkimer Industries for the US Army Corps of Engineers



  Ethernet Switches

Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Manufactures fiber optic networking products & photonic devices and provides Manufacturing & Installation Services for the CATV, Telecommunications, Enterprise Industries & Fiber to The Home.
Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Products: include splitters, couplers, ethernet fiber media converter, attenuators, metro wdm, dense wdm's, edfa's, fiber optic distribution centers, cable assemblies, ethernet switches, transceivers, repeaters, converters, and ethernet assemblies, fiber optics transmitter, multiplexer, fiber connectors, terminators, and fiber switches.
Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Professional Services provides Structured Cabling Services including turnkey Engineering, Furnish, and Install (EF&I) Services to meet your needs - extending into Central Offices, Outside Plants, Outside Plant Shelters, Head-ends, Data Centers, Data Closets, points-of-presence, co-location room, FTTH Infrastructure, and even Wireless Cell Sites. Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. has over 15 years of experience in the innovation and manufacture of passive and active networking products. The expert, full time field staff has a broad experience base in all services we offer. Our primary goal is providing as much or as little as you need - always performing at the highest level of quality. Services include: Structured Copper Cabling, Structured Fiber Optic Cabling, and Fiber Characterization.
Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Manufacturing Capabilities provides world class manufacturing techniques excelling in short lead times and competitively priced products while meeting or exceeding the most stringent quality standards. Our capabilities include: Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication Services, Surface Mount PC Boards, Passive Device Assemblies, Complex Fiber Assemblies, Complex Chassis, and Fiber Optics Manufacturing.



Waterproof 1x32 Splitter Module
Fiber Optic Waterproof 1x32 Splitter Module

1U Fiber Distribution Center
ADC Compatible Fiber Optic Splitter/Coupler Module

Optical Wave Flattener
Optical Wave Flattener

Attenuator FC/APC
Attenuator FC/APC

Cat 5E & Cat 6 Patchcords
Cat 5E & Cat 6 Patchcords

1U Fiber Distribution Center
1U Fiber Optic Distribution Center

4 Port/Fiber/Switch Media Converter
5 Port/Fiber/Switch Media

Media Converter
Media Converter
SC Multimode Duplex
Fiber Optic Multimode Duplex w/SC Connectors

1 x 32 Planar/Splitter
Fiber Optic 1 x 32 Planar/Splitter

Splice Housing
Splice Housing

Cleaning Kit and Supplies
Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit and Supplies

Deploy a fiber cable. Then, when finished, re-coil the cable onto the reel, and take it to the next job.
Fiber Reels

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